Precious Promotions

Jewel Olson


Awarded BEST MANAGER of ICMA 2012

2012-2013: Worldwide WHO's WHO
Registry of Executives, Professionals & Entrepreneurs
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Providing world wide promotional support across the USA, 
in Australia, the UK & around the Globe, 
with personal dedication!

Customized Services 


 Promotional Packages to fit every budget. 

~No Dream is too Big & No Goal is too Small.~

I will support Everyone who is on a journey to share talent, knowledge & expertise however, I will not work with just Anyone.

When I enter into a collaboration with my name attached to another, there needs to be a mutual respect & appreciation.

Whether I connect to a band, individual artist, entertainer, organization, business or cause, my association with them is something I do not take lightly. By association, it is my belief that we reflect each other in activities, events, actions & words.

I remain open to accepting individuality & uniqueness when it comes to style, while maintaining a basic standard of professional expectation.

It is with great pride that I work with my clients to provide the largest level of service they are looking for within their budgetary means. Whether I am merchandising at shows, maintaining social media profiles, promoting events or assisting with special projects, I will engage in a genuine, heartfelt association to achieve the goal. In return, I ask reciprocation.

Upon entering an agreement with a client, large or small, long term or short term, special project or extended campaign, the client who has a minimal, limited budget will receive the same attention as those who have a stronger foundation. I never require a contract. My clients stay with me because they want to & not because they are obligated.

Whether a client is beginning the journey of promoting what they have or are established & looking to take things to the next level, we enter into a partnership agreement & association.

If you are wondering if I will work with you, ask me.

Before you contact me, have your thoughts gathered and a budget in mind. 

From there, we can do whatever you want or need to do…together.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jewel Olson

  • Event Merchandising (on Site)
  • Artist Development & Management 
  • Promotional Materials Design 
  • Virtual Assistance \ Web Exposure
  • Social Media Presence
  • Press Kit Creation & Distribution
  • Merchandising: Event/On-line 
  • Complete Tour Support 
  • Web Site Development
  • Web Site Maintenance 
  • Photo Manipulation & Enhancement
  • Tour Poster Design 
  • Logo Design 
  • CD Design 
  • Tour Photography